We received the order to manufacture two teakwood ship’s name signs… for a Mexican Marine Vessel; the ARM REFORMADOR.

The difficulties in this project were quite challenging:


  1. It was very hard to acquire the two very large (more than 430 cm x 30 cm) matching (!) teakwood ‘shelves’ in ONE piece to realize these two name signs from
  2. The timing was extremely critical so: please none absolutely no mistakes in ‘the making of’
  3. The quality requirements.


Since we have gained over 2 decades of experience in such projects we started immediately and delivered the two wonderful name signs exactly on time to the client; packed in ISPM 15 treated crates – made to measure.

A few pictures taken during the many steps in the making of:

The back of the two 'giant name signs' in teakwood. The grain is absolutely fabulous..

After machining the teakwood the CNC milling. Here you can see a detail of 'the R'...

And some more details.

Detail (in praying cabin so without natural light). 'The GOLD' is applied later. First epoxy systems.

And the whole name on more than 4,25 meters (!)

A number of steps in the process of 'the making': sanding by hand and application of a hight quality epoxy and UV resistant high gloss lacquer system.

And al lot of manual work is necessary to obtain a top quality result.

Detail: precision and craftmanship are needed.

Sanding of the flat surfaces.
(Many times!)

Top view, long boards....

And another layer of lacquer; more than 15 times (!) with sanding in between...Apart from 'the Gold'!

Or...or GOLD...! To be applied.


All clear lacquer layers are sprayed in one of our spraying cabins; Martin is inspecting the results.

The final steps. Gold and Clear topcoat layers applied. And Martin is a happy man: he finished the job in time with his colleagues.

After hard and arduous work: the final steps and beautiful result.

The Crate made to measure and ISPM 15 treated for air transport to Mexico. Neraly 5 meters long...



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Additional informatio about the ARM REFORMADOR:

On the third picture you can see the Teakwooden name signs…and how small they are in comparison to the gigaship!


And here you can see details of the sectional building:

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