Jan's Fruit Bowl


I’ve always loved fruit.


Since my grand parents had a wonderful orchard I used to play there
a lot with my brothers. The horse meadow next to it was a ‘forbidden area’
when the belgian horses were out.


It was a real pleasure garden next to my parent’s house. For me
as a little child it was a Timeless Paradise! I can still remember myself
sitting in a plum tree. Enjoying the juicy plums. When there was a worm
in the plum I studied it carefully, not eating it but taking it on my little finger
studying how it moved, totally different from a rain worm.


Eating ‘the fruit of the season’ I climbed the apple, pear and plum trees.


Of course the goose berries, the strawberries and other red fruit as well as
the walnuts were not safe for us...


The walnut tree was like a very old grand parent to me and I had great respect
for him (or her...). One late summer we picked up more than 2000 (!) walnuts
from it and my father suggested us to sell it to my family’s grocery store to ‘top up’
our weekly allowance. My twin brother and I had pitch brown hands since we had
to clean that two thousand nuts one by one!


Enjoying the orchard...

And when our mother called ‘to come inside because dinner was ready’ we were
surprised and didn’t have any hunger..



I grew up and visited secondary school which was not a real pleasure to me (though
I booked excellent results).


After my Hotel Management School education I learned more about the Bircher
Philosophy in Zurich, Switzerland. I regularly met the son of the Bircher Muesli and
in his ‘Praxis’ learned a lot about his experience.


‘Ist Gesundheit fotografierbar?’ was the title of the book I received.


In our present day world with hundreds of millions of people suffering from obesitas
healthy food is a priority.


Fruit can be presented perfectly in a wooden fruit bowl. Some years ago we perfected
the Fruit Flower; an innovative fruit bowl made of birch plywood.

For more information visit:




During a short break in the German Black Forest I saw a nice little wooden bowl.
Beautiful. Unfortunately the atelier was closed.


So I asked Jan van der Hee to create a wooden fruit bowl out of residual wood.


We always try to use precious wood as much as possible. For a nice example of
our philosophy visit:

(My mother has been a patchwork artist for the past 40 years...and she was my inspiration.
not in fabric but in wood)


Jan van der Hee created a wonderful wooden fruit bowl:

Beautiful Cherry Wood. 'Leftover' of a Yacht Interior.
Most people would just throw it away...
We don't. for 'the love of wood'

The delicate and beautiful size and shape

Delicate and thin edges, like an ice cream cone!


Or a beautiful cloth hat!


While turning the wood Jan discovered a 'pin hole' in it
which gives it a unique and individual touch ***

*** Please see below for another wonderful adventure!

For another innovative example of a nice fruit bowl please visit:


This little fruit cradle is an ideal promotional item, as a ‘give away’ for several purposes.



The little Fruit Cradle; innovative flat pack design!

With Your Own Company Logo Laser Engraved!


*** At the end of 2017 Henk-Jan visited us with a special queation to create a series of wooden gifts, CNC milled
with the text 'There is a crack in everything That's where the light gets in.

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