We really love wood.


Olive Wood also.




That’s why I traveled to source it.


An unforgettable trip.


Five Days.

Five Countries.


Five Mountain Passes.


Five Thousand (!) Kilometres.


For the most beautiful Olive Wood.




The Sunny Southern Part of Italy.


Lovely Sunshine, Beaches, Olive Trees & Oleanders.


I found an Italian Family & Wonderful Olive Wood.


And we created Masterpieces you can find on:

(Sorry; only in dutch but the pictures tell you a lot)


or a cutting board:


and kitchen parts:


and also honey spoons and letter openers:


And these:

Every olive wooden letter opener is made with an individual design.
Look at the lovely details!

Another Lovely Model, Rounded shapes

The touch and feel...



So if you like to hold a wonderful piece of Italian Nature in your hands
while opening precious letters: give us a call or send an email.




Het Vervolg


Letter openers...continued.


After Jan van der Hee presented his first three letter openers to me
I was really amazed about his passionate talent and the beauties
his skilled and precise ‘dental surgeon hands’ had created.


It made me silent.


I am always amazed to see what skilled people can create.


These three little sisters (or brothers) letter openers incorporated
so much splendor!


Feeling the subtle softness of the polished Olive Wood and seeing
the wonderful pattern. All examples of God’s unbelievably beautiful creation
of our nature and environment I enjoy every day.


(This early morning I enjoyed the crescent moon before sunrise, amazing...)


So before our Christmas Holiday I asked Jan to give his creativity ‘free course’
and create ten letter openers more.


I was convinced that Jan would enjoy it too...


After our wonderful holiday (after a busy season and long work
it is always nice to have some days off around the Christmas days)
Jan brought them with his characteristic smile.

In a wonderful wooden dish  -The Fruit Bowl - he had made out of residual wood.

All these ten letter openers are individuals. Not one is the same.

Please enjoy Jan’s work in the pictures below:

Ten Olive wooden letter openers in a wooden fruit bowl.
All are individuals like You.

Number One

Number Two

Number Three

Number Four

Number Five

Number Six

Number Seven

Number Eight

Number Nine

Number Ten

The Letter Opener Family United...






There is a lot of details to enjoy..


So if you like to adopt one, give us a call or send an email.
To open a (love) letter will never be the same....




M: +31 (0)6 22 33 75 17



M:+31 6 22 33 75 17


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