We create (design, develop) all kinds of special cases, cassettes, caskets, boxes etc.  in wood and other materials for special purposes:


- As a deluxe display


- As a gift box (cassette, case)


- As a showcase (for sales people) of your products


Designed, developed to all wishes.

From one piece tot small or larger series.


Below we mention links for an impression of a few examples. Of course we can combine any material to suit your needs and budget.


For contact details please see below.



Whiskey Cases

For a producer of deluxe whiskey, Carolien Laro, our specialist designer developed a very sophisticated case.


These pictures show you some details.

Carolien Laro working on the finishing of one of

the Whiskey Cases

She has received a special Talent

for these small pieces of furniture...

Expensive contents need solid protection!

The whiskey color inspired Carolien for the choice of

the solid ironwork

Details show the design and finish


Unlock the Case?

Enjoy a quality whiskey, wine, Cognac, Liqueur?

The interior is custom made to fit the bottle(s)


So if you produce or sell a special kind of wine, cognac, whikey or ...... we can create the supporting case!


For information please call:


T: +31 6 22 33 75 17


Or send us an email:







LINKS for other examples



All kinds of sample cases:


Fragrance sample showcases:



Tender cases:


for the presentation of a large tender offer.


Book cases:


Office cassettes


For as we call it in Dutch: HNW Or Het Nieuwe Werken, the Flexwork Generation or New Office Generation we have created a series of office boxes/cassettes meant to store small bureau items.




Tobacco Showcases:


Bridge Cases:

and for passionate Card and Bridge Players ....

As you can see: your wishes challenge our creatvitiy!

From the smallest part to a total interior.

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