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The Log Clock is a very honest and timeless (!) product: made of genuine wood. Wood that shows you the past in its year rings. In the wood of which the Log Clock is made. The present time is shown by the clock itself. So ‘past- and present time’ are visible!
One Log Clock is nice. More Log Clocks can be nicer. Let me explain my thoughts to you.
Every country has its own type of wood and they are all gorgeous and expressions of the beauty of nature. I cannot stop looking at the image of sawn wood, feeling the texture and enjoying the sawn structure. The smell...Did you ever smell fresh teakwood? Or yellow cedar?
So I came to the idea that a series of Log Clocks, mounted on a base to be chosen can be a two zone,, a three zone or even a world zone time clock.
You can combine two or more, up to 24 Log Clocks to show different time zones at:
         - your office reception
         - the reception of a hotel
         - etc.
And: you can select your own type(s) of wood for the Log Clocks. For instance: you can select Hemlock or Douglas Fir if these are ‘local’ kinds of trees that grow in your environment. But for Tegucigalpa Time in Honduras it might be an idea to select Honduras Mahogany.... And Bamboo Wood for the Tokyo Time Zone.
In this way we can create a totally unique World Log Clock for you. You could even sell the individual Log Clocks since they are removable from the base..... The endless varieties are all Masterpieces in Wood.
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