Het Ontbijtplankje The breakfast board
For breakfast and meals with bread I always use a wooden ‘breakfast board’. Although I love ceramics, this material is not very suitable when you want cut your sandwiches or bread. The stone character ‘hurts the knife’. That is not a pretty feeling.
And sandwiches love wood too...
My breakfast board has accompanied me for the last 25 years or so and it is still going strong. Apart from one repair it is in new like condition so it is becoming ‘vintage’.
Enjoying my meals mindfully, I really like to use the board every day. As well as ‘my personal cutlery’.
When I was 16 years old I decided to buy my personal cutlery. That might not be normal for a young man of 16 but at that time I had a sense for design. Since my family was involved in the gastronomy business, I thought more about food and beverages than an average youngster.
In the German town of Heinsberg a high quality shop called Schweitzer was selling a wide range of top quality cutlery and tableware. Tapio Wirkkala designed the ‘Taille’ cutlery in 1972 – pre oil crisis - and I immediately fell in love with this design. ‘The satisfaction with the sense of touch’ is the credo on the website: and I totally do agree with this statement after 40 years of use. How about sustainability... It is a great pleasure to have this Masterpiece and not a day passes without using it.
Maybe there comes a day when I start to make my own design cutlery. It will be inspired by the taille form and ‘sense of touch’ which is unique.
Sense of touch... is one of my personal starting points in design, from kitchen furniture to...a breakfast board.
If you like a tailor made breakfast board, for personal, promotional use or as a gift: please get in touch with us. We create Masterpieces for you.
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