It's a GIANT! (Sailing yacht). Compare the size of the yacht to the size of a man. You can see
a man, red Mammoet-jacket standing in front of the rear cradle wagon. (MAMMOET transport).

Aft section (see large portholes): VIP or Owners suite and private beach deck?

In the early crispy morning light just after sunrise the yacht is transported to the building hall.

In front, right: a small part of the new construction hall being built.




2013-12-29 Sunday


This very early sunday morning Oceanco Yacht of Alblasserdam received the hull and superstructure of its newest build ‘in great silence’.


The first mega sailing yacht for Oceanco.

A little closer. Again look at one of the employees next to the ship to gain an impression of the size.

A lovely hull design* making this huge yacht more elegant

combining it with better views from the - main - salon.

Lovely 'trim' details as well on the superstructure.

Another Masterpiece!

* Compare this hull detail to scale 1: 3 on the Acharne or Diamond for Ever on 35 metres, designed 1987.

This yacht is some 90 metres (!)


Seen from the road.

It must be the DYNARIG powered sailing yacht, 90 metres and the biggest private sailing yacht to be built in the Netherlands. We look forward to seeing her in full gala-dress appearing from the building at the beginning of 2015. After stepping of the masts!

Huge bow section. Anchor concealed.

Designed whith speed in mind. Front helideck included?


Lovely to study all the details of the hull and superstructure.

Try to imagine that you are the windowcleaner....In port.

You can look for hours at the picture to understand all the design details.

We are curious about the keel configuration of this beautiful lady in white.



Compare the hull with a VOR-design hull.

With her length and hull design she must be capable of

setting a new monohull transatlantic sailing record (!)

Challenge for the owner and team.

In 2016?

Wish I could be on board!


Another example of the top quality dutch megayacht sector and good for a few thousand man years (!) in high tech work. ‘For one visionary owner’....and her/his guests!


Have a wonderful 2014 and

Stay awesome!



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PERINI is building a.o. a 70 M flybridge yacht.

See: In Costruzione > C 2227 70 M 229 Ft sailing yacht with very interesting pictures of the hull and superstructure. Compare the hull details of this yacht to project 2227; another step forward in megayacht



Transport: www.mammoet.com and www.mammoetbenelux.nl


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