Betonmallen: Villa Balustrade Kolommen   Concrete Moulds, Villa Balustrade Columns
Sometimes what you see is not what you see...
Please look twice.
I’ve always had a great Passion for wood and in special also for birch plywood (Culminating in a.o. the Wooden Bath...). And I love concrete as a building material.
Since we have made many hundreds of concrete moulds on a certain day the following happened.

A client wanted to have a CNC Milled concrete mould, necessary for the restoration of aprox 27 concrete columns of a balustrade.
We made ‘a quick prototype’ in birch plywood for a test since there was no digital file available.
After approval we created the final moulds.
I did like ‘the lines’ in the birch plywood prototype very much so decided not to ‘just throw it away’ or have it shreddered.
I asked the spraying department to make the flat surface black and give the mould a varnish.

The result is the following:
Wonderful, absoilutely beautiful lines I always enjouy
And also here: look twice.
If you would have such an ergonomic bath...
Another lovely detail
You can see them everywhere
Look twice and then see whether you saw it right
This is the proto mould
I enjoy it every time I see it. It brings positive energy to me.
We have great Passion for concrete moulds... If you are interested please contact us.
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