Scheepsnaamborden Grand Banks: Refit.
When yachts and ships change hands the name can change also. The result is new yacht name signs which we can supply, also for GRAND BANKS and other yachts & ships.
Below see the result of both paint stripping as well as the ‘make over’ with a new name and home port.
This picture shows you that the gold foil is worn. Especially on salt water
the deterioration goes quickly in combination with UV and sunlight.
We use two component gold lacquer which is much more durable
and can be finished with a number of clear two component lacquer.

Seen here also: worn gold foil.

After complete paint stripping we build up a new paint system as shown
in just a few steps (!)
on :

New signs are made to design and wishes.
We have extensive experience with all kinds of yacht and ships name signs. We have also developed a two component (!) gold paint which is very brilliant and durable and in contrast with gold foil can be sprayed with two component lacquer.
The results are:
         - durability
         - less maintenance and less costs
We manufacture these high quality signs also for megayachts and do refits. Worldwide delivery.
For information please see contact details below. And if you are a Grand Banks owner/interest also please visit:
T:+31 (0) 6 22 33 75 17 (GMT hours 07-19 hrs)

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