Scheepsnaamborden GRAND BANKS
We manufacture all yacht name signs, also for GRAND BANKS and other ships. Of course we do refit of existing name signs as well.. We have developed an extremely high quality two component gold lacquer which is very durable, on salt water also. The samen quality as In use for wooden mega yacht signs!
We ship worldwide. For refit you can send us your wooden signs; we give them a high quality refit.
For information, your questions and wishes please contact us. Contact details you can find below.
Van de eigenaar van een prachtige GRAND BANKS kregen wij het verzoek nieuwe scheepsnaamborden alsmede boxen voor de navigatieverlichting – met naam – te vervaardigen.
Aan de hand van de ‘oude’ voorbeelden werden nieuwe exemplaren gemaakt waarbij alle bevestigingsgaten en ook de ‘spietjes’ aan de achterzijde nieuw zijn vervaardigd.
Van oud naar nieuw in enkele van de zeer vele stappen:
Old to new in only a very few steps. In reality it takes nearly hundred treatment steps!
These are 'the originals' to be renewed

Detail of the old signs
Navigation lights boxes with names; the old ones
Seen from the rear
- The selection of the teakwood
- The machining of it and the further preparation
- The autocad drawing of the names to be milled
- The desicion of the depth (!) of the milling
which is essential for the final look
and which is part of our extensive know how and experience
- The CNC machine is programmed
and that is not 2-D but three Dimensional
because a CNC milling machine is not a 'typewriter'
the signs are CNC milled

One of the first results you can see here
together with fresh small teakwood chips.
I love the smell of it!
It is even better than a perfume
because it is completely natural.
I can distinguish the teakwood fragrance
out of thousands!
You can also see the greenish color
which is typical for 'freshly milled teakwood'
Detail of CNC milling: finishing starts
And that means: a lot of process steps for a high quality
Our finishers work hard to pull the name signs 'a dinner jacket on'
or 'a gala dress'. This involves a lot of skills.
We have developed a very high quality two component gold paint
which is brilliant, extremely durable and also in use
for mega yacht signs
Sanding, preparing, layers on layers... Teakwood is a 'demanding' and that
requires time.
In between the different layers we allow the signs to rest a while
That is necessary even for two component lacquers.
The hardening process of each layer takes time.
I enjoy always to have a quick glimpse in our 'rest room'!
That are the cherries on the cake.
Can you imagine to work in such a sweet-hop?
Name signs are a.o. our Passion so we always feel a little sad
when 'the children' leave the house!
New meets old...
Still life with Grand Banks Name Signs
Navigation Light Box holders
These are assembled 'in a very special way.
We've learnt that from the best megayacht shipyard in the world
Again: thank you very much for that inspiration

Another detail and view of 'Rotterdam'
Our Inspiration for Every Sign comes from one client.
A few yeards ago.
We were on board of his mega yacht
He wanted new signs (3)

For the discussion we had prepared three varieties:
Basic - Middle of the road - The best of the best

After our explanation and question about his preference the owner said:
I want the best of the best
and that every sign on my yacht
will be a head turner!
Thank you for those words
From the smallest sign
to the largest mega yacht sign
that remains our goal.
More pictures: 
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