In 2006 we organized the PAL CASE CONTEST. For an impression please visit: .
From the very beginning, Model One I loved the concept, the design and also the sound of the Tivoli Audio models.
When the PAL came onto stage however, I considered it a little too ‘naked’ and wanted a case around it. Since we – at Ritmeester Ltd. in Alblasserdam, Holland – create interiors and furniture it was quite apparent that the Case would come in wood.

So we organized a lovely competition which brought international inspiration and creative examples of cases.
One of the PAL CASES was the MULTIPLE-X. The design is based upon one on the most wonderful villa’s in the world:
Villa Malaparte on the isle of Capri.
Please surf to a.o.:
And you see the stairway ‘to heaven’ which is also one of the design elements of this PAL CASE.
After ‘number one’ in this Multiple-X in 2007 I asked Carolien to have a few morde made. This time in different colors (hpl and paint).
Quick snapshots are shown here:
'The stairway to heaven' and here you see the PAL in a 'tilted' position.
I do like different perspectives and also with a radio it is lovely to change the view some time...
The RED color not only reminds me of the color of the villa
but also of the lipstick color of ....
Seen from the bird's perspective.
Would like to hover above the villa with an ultralight
Another perspective that reminds me of BB legs up
(Or Marilyn Monroe)

She's lovely from every angle
Can't keep my eyes off her. She's a delight to hear and to look at.
I enjoy her every day....
It's all about the LINES, the shades and the color.
Place a lamp/spotlight on it...
In balance
Two PAL's together
Like... anteaters?
These PAL Cases stimulate my creativity
In every position
they are lovely
How do you do?
Look at all the larger and smaller triangles
They are everywhere
The plywood 'wrapped' around the PAL
There is another stairway... a little one!
One every side.
Seen from the back
Like a steamship!
Mid left: two multiplex layers on top of each other like 'shaking hands'...
Look left: inspiring views from every angle.
Dressed in gala-black
Nice combo with grey PAL
Variation sur La Grande Arche (La Defense, Paris)...
Tilted here.
You can see all things BIG or Small.
If you like your personal PAL CASE or one of these please give us a call or send an email. Of course we also create the most personal and individual ‘Cases’ for any audio or video system. Small or large...
For Information:
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