Kinderdijk: another 'Sunset Boulevard'...
Left of the first mill  you can see the sun, going to sleep here.



The 'General Plan' of the site
On the right you can see on of the 'solid poles' which were CNC milled and then
sprayed in the different colors.
Vanwege het internationale bezoek aan de Molens van Kinderdijk is deze tekst in het Engels.
Commissioned by :
Sign for Ap Houtconstructies in Oak, CNC milled
we realized a total signing concept, CNC milled and sprayed in colors for the well known ‘Windmill heritage site’ of Kinderdijk. is also specialized in all tradtional oak and timber work. Visit their website to see some of their wonderful realizations.
To give you an impression of the items which were made I made two photo-tours: one in april and the second at the end of may, 2013.
Another two of the Sign poles with windmill logo
The omnipresent reed is everywhere in this low-land
and in windy weather the sound is wonderful...if you can wait and listen
The Kinderdijk site is quite unique in the world and with so many windmills together a lovely trip to the United Arab Emirates comes into my mind again when I asked Job: ‘Why do they build such a massive number of skyscrapers here? (There was plenty of desert space...)
His answer has been staying in my mind ever since: ‘Well, I don’t think it works when you only build a few. You have to build a whole forest of skyscrapers...
More or less the same is true for Kinderdijk: since there are so many windmills in the area here where two rivers come together it has become a famous tourist attraction. And indeed: it is a lovely site.
Nearly 275 years old and still going strong
Ahead of their time
CO-2 neutral
Perfect fit into the landscape
Timeless design
Wonderful craftmanship (also inside!)
Especially when you visit in during all the seasons which I did during the last ten years. Every day the scenery has it’s own appeal: the sky, the birds, the wind, the windmills, the people from all over the world (really!) visiting it.
I am amazed to see how many nationalities come to visit the site.
Many tourists come for a 'quick visit' by bus. On the right the 'welcome signs'
in all natural wood!
Or the visitors arrive via the river Lek. The pontoon shows one of the signs we made.
And the evening I visited the site there was a wonderful 'play' of sailing boats
in a soft competition on the river... Just like ages ago!
I really enjoyed it on May 27, the first warm evening.
We had a long winter...
Not too much wind: you can show you can sail...on the tidal river. Tack!
There is another jetty on which visitors can arrive. Here 'a lonesome biker'
his colors match with the colors of our sign...
Many people visit the Kinderdijk World Heritage Site by Boat such as one of these.
Floating hotels. See a.o.
Guided tours offer you maximum value for a visit
In front you see an example of the signing system
Early in the season all willow trees have been trimmed. Of course: every windblocker is cut!
To my opinion the power cables in the background should be diverted....(underground)
On the left you can see one of the windmills
And the new signing
When you walk al little further you can see a reed-covered house which was built a few years ago.
I like the design very much since the house is low (for the wind of the windmills) and built with natural materials
The roof is an eco roof; small plants are growing on it. It looks like it wears a warm natural 'woollen'
winter coat...Copper sheating is on top of the reed. Designed by
I saw the house when it was constructed and enjoyed all the steps. Craftmanship. Look at the walls
and the copper sheeting (just like a ship below the water line...) Here the new reed is still brown.
I like this warm color.
Different types of windmills, all with their own stories and history! Read about it and you will be amazed...
The sign in front of the picture: number eleven....(lucky number!)
Our three tonne fork lift truck gives you an idea of the dimensions of the wooden poles...
You won't lift them on your own.
Another example of 'Mill and Sign'...
Number Nine!
And here seen in backlight to give you an impression
of the famous dutch skies...
Number Seven
With Mother and Father Duck
enjoying the water
There are many different species of birds
visting the site during the seasons
The whole family of mills....on a row!
Which is your favorite number?
Don't forget to visit the Museum Mill... and do you recognize which birds these are?
The Welcome Office at the entrance
For this building a large wooden sign was created
All characters have been CNC programmed after selection of font and size,
then CNC milled.
Followed by the finishing by our team in three colors.
Everything is 3-D....
Also see:
Do not forget to visit 'the opposite site of the water. Here you can find the workshop
In front of it there is a beautiful place for a leisure moment; a snack and a drink
Next to the workshop you can find the formerly steam powered WISBOOM Pumping station
Here you can see it from across the water
Or seen from a lower vantage point
At this stage the sign was not yet mounted on the wall
You can see all the visitors on the left.
It's an equally interesting building!
And when walking from the entrance to the visitor's centre you will pass this
beautiful door...Some 370 years old and framed with all the family weapons
of the polder board members. Lovely! Don't miss it when you visit the site.
Another piece of history next to the Wisboom Steam Pumping Station
(In Dutch: Stoom Gemaal)
with all the 'name and fame' of the members on it.
1868 so a good 220 years 'younger' than the one you saw before.
 The Visitors Centre
Another sign we could create.
Sign in evening light...
Kinderdijk is also 'all about the light to enjoy:
As you can see here.. We have the 'Kinderdijk Windmill Sunset Boulevard'
and I enjoy it day by day....
And moment by moment...
And please go back 275 years in time to become aware of what the people of that era have realized here: at that time there was no electrical power, there were no cars, trains, automobiles, diesel powered ships, cellphones, tv sets, iPads of even photocamera's. Just the tidal flow of the rivers, the seasons, the silence....and the water to manage.
The pictures give you an impression of the work we realized. And since we are amongst others (all interiors for yachts, offices, houses) specialist in signing this was a wonderful project to work on for our team: from the selection of the right font, the CNC programming and milling and of course the finishing of these thousands of characters...
During my visit in April I met Laura Pardo ( from
Colombia. She creates lovely watercolors of the famous mills!
She and her friend Paul Buchanan from Glasgow live in the neighbourhoud for the time.
When I saw Paul working on this lovely oil painting I bought it 'on the spot'.
And I still enjoy it every day... Thank you Paul! The reflections of water, sky and
lovely nature are perfectly painted as well as...
a Million Flowers I saw during my May visit:
On the river Lek and the dyke you can find flowers in millions...
Come... look al little closer and enjoy the beauty of God's Nature.
I always enjoy these lovely flowers who grow without cultivating.
So: we created a Vase
Not a Vase for A Million Flowers
Because these Million Flowes should stay outside
to enjoy you and everyone
We created
The One Flower Vase....
Also as a souvenir from Kinderdijk!
CNC engraved, with chalkboard front and back... so You can write a favorite
word, slogan or motto on it,
For the day....
Please visit:

And also another wooden souvenir
that can remind you
of Kinderdijk:
The Kinderdijk Wooden Cutting Board
Shown here by Femke Baten (see: one of our top trainees!
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