The Kinderdijk One Flower Vase
In our frequent visits to this beautiful world heritage site we meet people from all over the world and are amazed by the variety of cultures they come from.
We live and work in the neighborhood of Kinderdijk. And we love the mills.... since we work with wood and wooden products every day.
Wood and gift items are one of our specialties. So we started to develop and design a small collection of wooden gift items that can bring back the memories of your visit to Holland and more specific: to Kinderdijk.
Holland and also Kinderdijk is ‘aal about’ flowers and water so we brought them together in this One Flower vase.
The Kinderdijk One Flower Vase can bring a smile to your face everyday. All flowers are beauties... and they wish you a beautiful day! And you can add a special wish on the surface which is a tiny little schoolboard.
So: a flower and a wish... wish you every day a wonderful day!
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We would appreciate very much if you send us an email with picture of yourself (and friends, family, colleagues) together with the One Flower Vase and the name of your home town for: ‘The One Flower Vase Picture Club’... A worldwide virtual club!
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