Early Easter Monday Morning 2013: Some like it bigger...
OCEANCO received it’s newest build. This Easter weekend the latest steel hull and aluminum superstructure arrived at the shipyard in Alblasserdam so on Easter morning I took a few pictures in the golden morning light.
Wishing her and her owner a golden future.
Such a yacht equals the economic production of 12.000 VW GOLF since the price tag is some
€ 200.000.000 for oNe visionary owner. And that is exclusive of 21 % or € 42.000.000 of VAT
This yacht must be inspired by the concept seen on:
Seen from the village she seems 'not so big' Just after dawn, see the shadow on
the building hall. Only a few hours later the yacht had disappeared in the hall.
Perfect secrecy planning...
Coming nearer; her actual size appears

WOW...some like it bigger! Look at all the windows and portholes: more than 200 (!) on this floating
palace. If you are the window cleaner there will be a lot of work. Therefore these yachts have huge
desalination units on board: for cleaning with fresh water...
When you see this after her launch:
The golden rooster on the Alblasserdam church plays with the same morning light as the vessels' bridge,
crafted in aluminum on a steel hull.
In yacht and ship design it is all about the lines and these are beautiful!
Everything is in motion and in balance.
Same designer as the well known ALFA FOUR?

Well proportioned windows on the decks as well as the portholes.
I can look for hours at these pictures to understand all the details in design and engineering.
How many hours in design and engineering go into this Masterpiece?

Watch the beautiful details on the overhangs and recesses: meant for LED lights?
The very large (upside) hinged hull door must give access to a load of water toys as well as one or two limo tenders.
I invite you to have a look at:
www.hodgdonyachts.com > go tot tenders:
to enjoy and see how the rich and famous on this planet
board and leave their floating home...

In - let us say - a year she will appear again in her 'Gala Dress' and we look forward to see her colors and jewels!
Congratulations to the owner. We wish happy sailing to you now already and to all guests and the staff (!) 
who will board and enjoy her luxury.
We are sure she will take away a lot of prizes at the concours!
Alblasserdam, At the heart of DSV Dutch Shipping Valley
Easter Monday, April 1, 2013
Willem Schulpen

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