The Perfume Cabinet: Le Tresor des Odeurs

Some thirty years ago
Visiting my brother and his girlfriend
Saw a lovely little perfume cabinet
Amazed about
The amount of perfumes invested...
I froze the image of that moment
Twenty five years later. 2008.
Exotic Flavors
Endless Optimism
Extraordinary Buildings
Extreme luxury
I found myself in
A deluxe suite in the Dubai One and Only Hotel
On a business trip with colleagues
Months before the Banking Crash hit us
The inspiring bathroom
Perfect in every detail
up to the miniatures....
Unforgettable music
Job: thank you again
For so much generosity
These lovely little miniatures in the bathroom
of The One and Only Hotel Dubai
were one of the sparks
for the Cabinet des Parfums...
Thirty years after Maastricht
And Five Years after Dubai
And Abu Dhabi
I Condensed all the impressions
Into one cabinet
Leftovers of some projects
Designed a small perfume cabinet
Together with Carolien Laro

The Dubai Shore Line and wonderful Desert colors 
reflected in the Olive Wood
‘Natural Ingredients’:
- Teak- and ashwood               Frame
- Olive wood                           Adjustable shelves
- Mirrors                                 To reflect all beauty...
- Leather                                  Flap
- Brass                                     Hinges and lock tip
 It is not what you think
that you see
Just like Dubai
Look twice
For your personal wishes,
For a unique Perfume Cabinet
Please contact Carolien Laro
T: +31 78 681 85 68
For a few impressions of our Abu Dhabi & Dubai trip please enjoy these pictures.
The morning sun seen from the terrace of my hotel suite. Manicured greens, perfectly maintained.
Arabian Luxury in the hotel corridor
Water and an abundance of fresh roses... luxury and another approach to life!
Atmosphere & Grand Luxe
One of my favorites: Mosaic (Patchwork...) Lovely! Not just one... Your eyes have to do overtime!
The Hotel Suite
Enjoy your stay with the One and Only Mirage Hotel....indeed!
Thank you very mucht for your GREAT service!
The start of another exciting day...
Shopping Malls...little bigger than in Holland!

Dubai Shopping....

Building frenzy... Not just a few skyscrapers but a whole forest. Job's comment: 'Otherwise it doesn't work!

The bigger the better?
Incredible dimensions and
clean the windows please...

The Burj al Arab Hotel seen from inside-up


In the elevator; going up to the 'Envelope Restaurant' underneath the helicopter platform. Lovely view!

Tilted glass wall, without frames...

Panorama from above

Difficult to choose from...

Please don't forget your black credit card....Some bottles are UsS 4.000 or even double that.
And this one was even far more expensive.

Cash does it all... In Old Dubai.


Another meal at our hotel with absolutely super service. From breakfast until midnight.

Fairy Tale Luxury in Abu Dhabi
You feel like a Sheikh....

Since I love Italian Mosaic this was a wonderful detail.
Everything is a treat to the eyes.

Return flight to Francfurt

Endless Etihad Service!

Aboven Turkey, 11.000 metres high...& clear and dry sky!

As you can see: only a few inches separate you from a killing South Pole Like temperature.

Minus 53 Centigrade. From the runway in Abu Dhabi
it was 40 plus Centigrade so the aircraft has to stand quite some temperature differences every day....

100 Centigrade!
Ground speed nearly 900 Kms/h

Job: the trip was a never ending inspiration!

Thank you again!

Willem Schulpen

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