Mindfulless – Leven in het NU.
Live in This Moment
I came across a text of the Inuit:
Yesterday is ashes
Tomorrow Wood
Only today the fire shines brightly
Since I love nature & wood and it properties
extremely much
As well as fireplaces
Nordic wood burning stoves
Austrian Wood cooking ranges
As well as CNC milling
And High Tech in Wood
The combination was –not? rather obvious. But: I like Rubik’s Cubes.... and ratatouille*
Rethink everything!
* Don’t throw away leftovers.
I have great admiration for people living in close contact with nature. Inuit and Nordic people show us how to leave the smallest possible footprint on earth. For the same reason I’ve been following a unique sailor: Eef Willems on her voyages:
See: www.tooluka.nl
We designed and milled a mindful wooden sign that you can see here. The teakwood board was a leftover* of a ship’s name sign so I tried to make the most of it....and create a slogan of joy.
It took me some 100 pictures to capture the right light but the effort was worth it.
It makes an ideal present to accompany a fireplace or a burning stove...
Gisteren is As
Morgen Hout
Alleen vandaag brandt het vuur helder
And if you don’t like it any more... give it back to nature. Burn it...
100 % Cradle to cradle
100 % CO2 neutral
100 % Inuït....
Inuït culture: to be admired
Apart from this: We create all your wooden signs with great Passion
         - from one piece to series
         - in every size, material
         - creative, original, head turning...
See: Naamborden, Scheepsnaamborden etc.:
for just a few examples of one of our Passions.
Leef in Dit Moment
E: willem@ritmeester-bv.nl
T: +31 (0)6 22 33 75 17

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