Monsterkoffers in Hout op Maat, Sample Cases in Wood, Musterkoffer in Holz

We manufacture all Samples Cases, Boxes etc. made to measure and in any kind of wood, veneer, solid surface etc.. Especially suited for the presentation of wood, veneers, leather, textiles and other deluxe and natural materials. For information please see contact details below.
You can also enjoy a few pictures in 'The Making of' and we will be happy and grateful to fulfill your wishes in Sample Cases, Book Cases, Cabinets...
Wir fertigen alle Musterkoffer (cases, Kistchen usw) in jeder Holzart (auch Furnier, Solid Surface etc.) an. Besonders geeignet zur Prasentation von Holz, Leder, Stoffen usw. Für Information bitte siehe unten.
Wij vervaardigen alle soorten en maten monsterkoffers en monsterkistjes op maat en naar uw wensen.
Bij uitstek geschikt voor ‘natuurlijke’ presentaties van hout- en plaatmaterialen maar ook van ander luxe items zoals parfums, geuroliën, leer, stoffen etc.
Uitgangspunt: uw idee en visie
Enkele voorbeelden.
Een serie monsterkoffers, vervaardigd uit:
         - Massief teakhout voor de kaders (vanzelfsprekend rondlopend!)
         - Sierlijnplaten in teak en essen, binnenzijde wit hpl
         - Handgrepen in gelamineerd gebogen mahonie   
                   Ritmeester is ook gespecialiseerd in ronde en gebogen vormen
         - Scharnieren in messing (Lamello)
         - Sluitingen in tuigleer met messing kogels
         - Indeling in MDF halfhoutsverbinding (ook uit het assortiment van Van Styn)
Op deze wijze is een zeer hoogwaardige serie monsterkoffers vervaardigd waaruit de kwaliteit van zowel de inhoud alsook de ‘sales representative’/account manager en de producent blijkt.
Design: Carolien Laro (
Carolien Laro is a.o. specialized in the design of all cases, cabinets, boxes. She has that special talent
to make the most of it, up to the smallest details.
Handgrepen in gebogen gelamineerd mahonie. Grips in bent laminated mahogany
Van Styn combines its specialty in matching veneer and solid wood to achieve optimum matching results.
Teak sierlijn in combinatie met massief teak voor het kader (rondlopend...); tuigleer en messing.
Tuigleren sluiting; natuurlijk.... All natural. En de lijnen van het massieve teak lopen door in alle delen
van de monsterkoffer.
Brass LAMELLO hinges and matching screws.Our love and passion for the detail.
Double function of the small teak blocks: looks simple but think twice....
The smallest details
Final result with a number of samples in panels, solid wood etc. A perfect presentation of Van Styn's
collection: Passion and Perfection in Panels and Solid Wood.
Flexible inserts guarantee long life and versatility. All materials supplied by Van Styn
Commissioned by/opdracht door: Van Styn Rijnwoude BV.  
See: Masterpieces in Panels, Solid Wood
For more information: Contact: Johan van Tilburg:
T: +31 (0)6 22 33 75 17
A few Steps and Details in 'The Making of'
The originator: Mr. Oläv van Woudenberg
The origin for our Passion in Sample Cases was fired by Mr. Oläv van Woudenberg
who inspired me to go a little further in cases and wood... He sponsored a
birch plywood attache case you can see on:
when we presented the unique Finnforest Wooden Bath at VSK in the Dutch Jaarbeurs.
Thank you very much for the everlasting inspiration Oläv!

Here the prototype is shown. Form design to realization. For one piece and for series.


Carolien is also the team leader of our trainees. They all develop the necessary skills step by step according
to their individual level.

Laminated mahogany for the grips

A lot of treatments and actions are necessary. It seems simple but it isnot. A few pictures...


Drilling holes with precision and with all PBM


In this way Ritmeester BV wants to play an active role in the development of our beautiful profession.
During the past ten years we offered traineeships for more than 100 young enthusiasts. See: On above picture one of our trainees
learns the CNC milling of the MDF inserts.

MDF inserts with half-lap joints, CNC milled and finished

Details such as finishing are a very important part of everyday work

Precision leads to perfection and
Practice Makes Perfect

To show how to do it.... Carolien Laro is instructing here and concentrated attention makes a better result


Hundreds of parts... and thousands of treatments

Rik is finishing, concentrated. Attention: see his safety glasses, within reach
We also train youn students in safety!

Checking everything: Carolien Laro is a very busy team member

A part of the Van Styn Sample Cases: we will miss them

Wonderful impression.. after another busy day of work
walking through 'the atelier' and a few pictures of -as Grolsch Beer said:
Vakmanschap is Meesterschap!

Always concentrated on her work: Carolien is passionate about Cases, Cabinets and many other Masterpieces

Reminds me of Grolsch 'Vakmanschap is Meesterschap' (See:
and the wonderful pictures of Paul Huf. Please visit: 

Carolien Laro: all her Passion & Pleasure
Thank you for your shown enthusiasm!

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