I’ve been a passionate fan of the Gerrit Rietveld Oeuvre for more than 40 years now. Studied a lot of books and had the opportunity to visit many of his private houses. To experience the spaces...It is really unforgettable.
The more you read and learn about this genius, the more you appreciate his avantgarde ideas and vision of how to define and outline space in relation to darkness (walls) and light (windows). His ‘definition of light’ is absolutely unique and only a few top architects in the world can reach his level. That’s my shortest way and definition to describe his work.
Rietveld designed a huge number of furniture pieces we create a number of these on order for grandson Egbert Rietveld of www.rietveld-by-rietveld.com.
Amongst others: the Hillebrandt Garden Bench (1936), the Calve Bench (1959) and the junior crate series. All these reconstructions were ‘adventures in its own’ and the story could easily fill 20 pages each!
A few pictures:
Sjer Kolsoot, one of our Rietveld specialists seen here working on a Rietveld Calve Bench. Unfortunately we lost our wonderful colleague Sjer November 2011. In the back of the picture two more Calve Benches, also with armrests. This Calve bench is one of my all time favorits. Of course I do like other designs too but the combination of brushed stainless steel and 'the minimum of wood' in combination with the absolutely gorgeous detail design is timeless and a piece of art!
Seen from aside. The design of both frame and wood is a masterpiece and Egbert Rietveld took/takes uncomparable care to the reconstruction of this design icon!
Here you see a number of side parts for the Junior Crate series. Millimeter precision is needed and I can not
stop to look at these crate series: how the light and shadows play with the design... Unique!
It is the same play of light and shadow you can see in a painting of Edward Hopper. In 3-D!
These chairs look so simple yet they are great design objects in its own. To me it is 'graphic furniture art'.
Here Tim Houmes is seen in the spraying department with the famous Rietveld Yellow
And here: a new viewpoint/perspective for a Red Rietveld Steltman Chair! The chairs are art objects....
Very interesting information, also about the craftmanship needed to reproduce these chairs and other Rietveld
items you can find on:
http://www.cassina.com/portal/page/portal/new/webpages/cassina/catalogue/product?p=code:CS_280;is_finder_result:1&lang=en  (ZIG ZAG chair)
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