One of our clients asked us to design a sturdy wooden USB stick, using different kinds of their FSC certified woods from Brazil. The years before we already had created the unique LogClock (see:  in Dutch we call it BLOKKLOK) and LogFrame as annual gift items so it seemed logical to proceed that way and enlarge our ‘log-family’ a little further.
Since you don’t like to loose the cap of a USB stick we decided to design it without a cap. My  earlier work in Switzerland and the ingenious Swiss knives brought the design idea and sketches further. Carolien Laro (see , our talented young designer created the details and the first prototype. Hand made of course. The composition of two or three different kinds of wood; to be oiled for a maximum result.
In the following sketches you can see how the design gradually developed. From a rather ‘rough’ prototype you can see the shape evolving and reaching the limits of what can be made in solid wood. How small, thin and delicate can it be made...?
The first rapid sketch which it all started...
Carolien Laro developed it in a number of coloured sketches
And started to think about the manufacturing process.. This seems simple... but it is not!
A few varieties were made
 Some were too 'chunky' and we tried to minimize the shape to the utmost...
As you can see we have arrived extremely close to the original sketches...
These pictures were made by Cor Ritmeester; see  Thanks Cor!
Above left an example of Angelim Rajado. The logo's are laser engraved to the smallest details!
We searched the market for a reliable and high quality USB insert. Of course you can ‘go’ for a cheap option e.g. a ‘totally naked’ chip. Disadvantage is not only the vulnerability (it is high tech electronics...) but also the question how to fix it into the little wooden shell, the jacket.
After our search we arrived at...SANDISK who supplied us with a top quality & sturdy USB insert, completely covered in metal.
This little piece of high tech, should be wrapped in Brazilian FSC Hardwood for Precious Woods (
It seems so simple... but it isn’t. It takes a few hundred hours of trying and testing to develop a new product: from the Autocad drawing tot the machining of the rough wood (planing, cutting etc.) of the pieces up to the CNC milling strategy. In other words: it is difficult.
Our specialized CNC milling department developed a strategy to ‘scoop out’ the little pieces of wood. And without telling you the secrets how to do it: it worked with the assistance of a number of production and milling moulds.
Though the shape is simple the efficient production of these sustainable gift items is frontier technology. So the fine tuning is the next step: how to produce these items in an efficient way, without the easy escape to have it produced in some low-wage Asian country. When you say FSC or Forestry Stewardship Council you also have to go the distance and produce it in a sustainable way which we always do. So no kids labour and no one dollar a day wages. The client is a very ‘FSC’ company and we also produce in line with this range of ideas. Modern CNC milling techniques enable us to reproduce digital designs precisely.
Selected woods came: Angelim Rajado (the name in itself is a joy to the ear already and reminds me of Brazilian music...) and Muirapiranga. Angelim Rajado to me is like wooden marble and the colour of Muirapiranga reminds me of the little piranha fish meals...
With this the work was not finished yet because two logo’s had to be lasered onto the two parts:
- The FSC Logo for the jacket
- The Precious Woods Logo on the fork.
This also is high tech laserwork since the density, character and hardness grade influence the laser ‘burning’ process. But we managed to get both little logo’s perfectly on the stick. Final idea is the (Brazilian!) little leather cord to attach it to your key ring. Ype de Groot of supplied us with the nice little patentbolt others suppliers didn’t have in their collection. A perfect match to the Sandisk jacket.
A new little Masterpiece in Wood was born and is now available to you also. For your Precious Data....(Medical data, codewords, mobile phone backup etc.) These data always accompany you as well as a beautiful part of a tree.
Enjoy you personal log stick!
We have a few in stock in various and unique woods.
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De Log Clock is made of solid wood and its hands indicate ‘present time’ while the annual layers of the wood show you the time of the past....See:
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