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Serving Trays, Olive wood & ...your choice.
In the summer of 2011 I decided to drive to the South of Italy to select a larger quantity of olivewood myself. Five days later I had driven 5.000 kilometres, had visited 5 countries, crossed five major mountain passes in Switzerland and Italy and had seen a lot of Europe... plus brought wonderful olive wood back home in our Mercedes Vito with the custom built trailer fully loaded to the edge.
The trip in itself was an adventure you can compare with larger travels like you can read on sites such as www.runterwegs.de
A few months later.
Martin and our team created the most wonderful kitchen and a mobile Masterpiece chopping block that I had never seen before. A creation in Olive Wood, Copper sheet and with beautiful matching Farrow & Ball Colours. A dream kitchen for an early 1900-villa. Such a fully custom designed and built kitchen is in the heart of our competences.
I asked Martin not to throw away all the olive wood remains and carefully looked which patterns were there. Out of all the rests I selected some 20 smaller pieces with extraordinary grains. I matched the patterns and asked Richard to keep these apart to make olive wood serving trays out of these.
In combination with the light green hardened glass the olive wood found its perfect counterpart for the most beautiful serving trays my eyes had seen until then. Every item unique and of such a ‘symphony beauty’ that I was Go very grateful he had brought me to the idea to use these remains for this purpose.
Looking at these serving trays all the memories of the five day trip came to live again: the sunny weather in Italy with the bright colours; the colour of the mediterranean sea reflecting in the glass.... A ‘sediment’ of the beautiful trip through Europe.
After completion these little Masterpieces found a place on the Rietveld ‘Calvé’ outdoor bench and are a joy to the eye in our staff canteen.
If you are interested in a unique and custom made serving tray for use at home, in your kitchen, villa, deluxe restaurant or hotel: we create incomparable masterpieces in any kind of wood; in combination with glass, metal etc.
Sustainable Serving trays that can live and serve you forever!
For information:
T: +31 6 22 33 75 17
E: willem@ritmeester-bv.nl

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