Mobile Hotelroom Units & Mobile Hotels
We realize mobile hotelroom units, modular.
            In an increasingly mobile world this is the answer... the mobile hotel!
- From one hotelroom to hundreds or thousands.
            If desired: completed with all facilities like restaurant, lobby, meeting rooms!
- For ‘mobile hotels’ and also for extensions of permanent hotels.
            Basic, themed, design: in any outfit and with all facilities you need
- In any kind of (luxury) class.
            From ‘employee of staff hotel accomodation’ to deluxe hotel rooms
- Innovative, based upon a wide and international hotel experience.
            Design & atmosphere: from classic to ‘HIP’ Hotel!
- These mobile hotel rooms can be shipped worldwide
            For seasonal, project and festival use
- Lease and rental possibilities available.
For enquiries please contact:
Ritmeester Ltd.
Willem Schulpen
T: +31 6 22 337517

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