Today I was wondering which was the richest, the wealthiest, the most affluent village in the whole world…

I just asked myself this simple question while walking around.

Was it ‘The Gooi’ (for those who do not know where The Gooi is: it is close to 020 or Amsterdam or joint city).

It wasn’t!

Was it the neighbourhood around the PC Hooftstreet? There you can spot a number of PC Hooft tractors, commonly known as Range Rovers ?

It wasn’t either.

Was it la Côte d’Azur with the beautiful corniches and lovely views of the Mediterranean? Sorry, no.

Or was it Monaco whre all these  (NTPP) Non Tax Paying People live on a rock?


Or was it Ibiza, or was it on the other side of the Atlantic?

Pebble Beach? Malibu? Miami? Dubai? Singapore?  Beijing? Hong Kong?

No, none of these wealty wordly hot spots…

I was astonished! Surprised, flabergasted!


It is Alblasserdam…

I hear you say: ‘Alblasserdam???’

What is Alblasserdam?

Where is Alblasserdam?

The last question is easy: visit with the world heritage site (see also the link below ***)

You may know the dutchies for wooden shoes, cheese and windmills… And in Kinderdijk the windmill density per square mile is high…

Alblasserdam is only 5 miles from Kinderdijk.


But the windmill density in Kinderdijk

is far less than

the Rolls Royce and Bentley density of Alblasserdam
(and all the above mentioned places on this whole planet!)


Proof: Today I spotted more than Rolls Royec and Bentleys in this cute little village than in any of the above places.  

Within half an hour! See the pictures below!

This owner must be a ....




RR & Bentley Paking Only....?
Ablasserdam has changed a lot these days  ;-)


So my conclusion is obvious: Alblasserdam must be the most wealthy, rich and affluent village of the whole planet!


Congrats to all these lucky people!


I have only one question left: how did all these people become so wealthy?

How did they earn so much money that nearly everyone can afford a Rolls Royce or Bentley… as a second or third car?

Lucky People!

Maybe you know the answer?  ?!


Enjoy the wealth and the ride!






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